Robots as a service
Infinity Robotics has multiple ways to help you pay for the systems you need.
We follow state and federal grants and financing.

Infinity offers leases with a 33% buyout option. This option often makes the hourly ROI less than paying a $20 per hour employee fully burdened. This is your strongest ROI by far.

RaaS, Robots as a Service, is a RENTAL program. This is the ideal OP/EX vs CAP/EX. Based on the 2017 GAP rules, this option does not hit your books as a liability (check local, state and federal regulations). Typically, this cost can be much lower or similar to what your company may be paying for labor. Many Operations Managers have the ability to sign this type of rental agreement versus needing board approval on the traditional CAP/EX-type purchase.

No matter how you want to pay for your system, Infinity Robotics has all the options you need to make it happen today!

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