Mobile Robots

Best for product movement

Mobile robots, AMR/LGV, allow for rapid deployment of products throughout your operation. These are best suited for wave picking in distribution centers and material movement in manufacturing. Let Infinity Robotics mount an ARM on your mobile robot and have endless workstation capability! Bring, remove, and perform QA on parts using one system.

Mobile robots
beyond amr

Our Beyond AMR series provides one of the only indoor-outdoor AMRs on the market. Stackers (weight Limit) and product carts are also available.

Our warehouse automation product lines are tried and true, just ask the US military. Infinity is one of a few integrators that carry Industrial, Mobile and Cobots. We have the technology you need to be successful.

Our people are passionate about training. When we leave, your team will know how to handle most situations. They will be comfortable calling in for support when needs arise. We strive to build solid relationships with your team, so they have the confidence to get everything possible and then some out of your robots.

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