Talks with dad led Infinity CEO David Lacher to robotics

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Infinity Robotics Chief Executive Officer David Lacher wasn’t immediately called to automation.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Communication at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., in the spring of 2000, he sat down with his father and talked through his options for the future. Lacher knew he wanted more than the opportunities that were coming his way after earning that degree. That initial conversation led to a follow-up one with his father and one of his dad’s education colleagues. And that conversation led straight to the Dunwoody College of Technology.

Lacher, searching for a brighter future, visited the school to discuss becoming an electrician. But hooking up wires from Point A to Point B still wasn’t exactly what he wanted. He liked working with his hands on things like car stereos and remodeling projects but ultimately wanted a more exciting career. Enter robots.

Lacher visited with a robotics professor and a couple of weeks later was enrolled at Dunwoody in the fall of 2000. During his second year there, Lacher took a part-time job at a systems integrator that quickly turned into full-time hours and he hasn’t stopped since.

“It was a good choice,” Lacher said. “I got to see the world. I got a lot of challenges presented to me and I was able to grow.”

Early in his career, Lacher traveled the world extensively, installing, troubleshooting and providing service on automation systems. Years later, when he started a family, he began a Project Manager position that allowed him to remain home more often. Later, he was named Service Manager. Those positions helped him acquire the skills needed to become a perfect CEO for Infinity, a position he’s held since January 2021.

As CEO of Infinity, he enjoys being involved in the concepting of complex systems that not every integrator would want to take on.

“I like that I still get to dabble in the technologies, be a part of concepting the systems, working with the teams, collaborating and bringing those things to life,” Lacher said. “It’s still about delivering something to the customer that’s different and unique, and provides a solution.”

That’s why Lacher and Infinity President and Co-Founder Dave Neville are building a team that is strong in many different areas and one that is not afraid to take on any automation challenge.

“I think that we want to have a company that’s built around challenging projects,” Lacher said. “We don’t want to be a cookie-cutter niche type of company. The people we have on staff are looking for something more than that in their careers.”

Despite different personalities, Lacher and Neville work in tandem to keep the team on the cutting edge of robotics. Challenging projects and top-notch, around-the-clock service are at the foundation of what Infinity Robotics prides itself on.

For Lacher, those initial months as CEO were challenging as he adjusted to his new role. But after some tough decisions and necessary changes, the company is positioned strongly for the future. Growth is happening quickly and Lacher and Neville are working on filling their team with the best and brightest in the field.

“He’s just kind of that steady hand at the helm, making sure, even if the waters are a little choppy, that we’re navigating it properly,” Neville said of Lacher. “He’s definitely the right guy to be running this company.”

Lacher’s goal is to increase revenue every year and to be able to look back someday with pride on what he helped build at Infinity.

“It’s a long-term legacy thing. I don’t need my name on it, but it will certainly be nice to be able to stand up and say I’m proud of what I’ve helped build,” Lacher said.

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